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Best Time

Visiting Tonga

Learn the best time of the year for seeing whales!

Best Time To Visit Tonga

The best time to swim with whales in Tonga is any time during whale season — otherwise, the whales are not there!

The whales come from Antartica toward the end of June; we start swimming with them in July all the way through to the end of October.

The more days you put in on the water, the higher your chances of having memorable, meaningful encounters. We tend to see and swim with the whales almost every day, but we aim for real, quality encounters, not just fleeting glimpses of the whales. Our guides and boat captains know when and where to put you in the water to make sure this happens.

There is really no "best" time to come during the season. Although some say otherwise, you've got a high probability of swimming with whales any time from July through October, no matter when you come. And since all the females don't give birth at the same time, we can see new calves throughout the season we've even seen brand-new babies at the end of October. October is a great month for calf interactions, as they are older and mum tends to be less worried about them, so these encounters tend to be longer and interactive.